Q1: Does the OTDR (FF-980REV) support both 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengthes to test fibers?
A1: Yes, the OTDR support both 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths. 

Q2: Does the OTDR (FF-980REV) support real time and average time testing mode like other world famous OTDR?
A2: Yes, the OTDR support both read time and average time testing mode. And of course, Auto Mode is also supported.

Q3: Does the test result can be displayed quickly on screen?
A3: Yes, very quickly. If you selected “Auto” testing mode, it takes 5 seconds to display OTDR curves and event list on screen. 

Q4: What connectors do come with the OTDR?
A4: The OTDR comes with FC, SC in default. ST and LC connector are sold separately.

Q5: My fiber cable is with a APC connector, but I have bought an OTDR with UPC connector(port). How can I make the test?
A5: According to industrial standard, APC connector can not work together with UPC connectors. So (1) please find a short fiber patch cord, one end is with APC and the other end is with UPC. (2) Use the UPC to APC adapter. See the picture. (3) buy an OTDR with APC connector(port). Please let our sales know you are going to buy an OTDR with APC connector before you place your order.

Q6: Do I need to add money for extra functions (VFL, OPM, OLS, Ethernet Cable Testing) ?
A6: No. The OTDR comes with all of these functions. 

Q7: Do the OTDR comes with Event Map?
A7: Yes.

Q8: The OTDR can work on short cables, e.g. 3 meters ?
A8: Yes. It is good at short cable testing from 3 meters to 64km. Check the video please. https://youtu.be/Oxy0huN3uBs

Q9: Do you have a video demo?
A9: Yes, watch the video please.

Q10: How to re-calibrate the OTDR, and any fees charged for re-calibration?
A10: The OTDR has been already built-in self-calibration system. If testing calibration needed to be deployed, OTDRs should be sent back China. Customer pays for shipping fees to China while we pay shipping fees to customer. But within warranty time (3 years), customer does not need to pay any fees. And no other fees will be charged for calibration or repair work.

Q11: What is your warranty time and repair policy?
A11: If software problems, we can send you a firmware for system upgrade by email. If a hardware problem, our engineers can cooperate with you to find which part is broken in OTDR via email or skype video. And we send you the hardware parts, and teach you how to repair. But if it is not easy to repair from your side, you must return back for repair.
Customer pays for shipping fees to China while we pay shipping fees to customer. But within warranty time (3 years), customer does not need to pay any fees. And no other fees will be charged for calibration or repair work.

Q12: Does the OTDR FF-980REV support active (live) fiber testing?
A12: No, Normal model does not support active fiber testing, but we accept OEM for bulk order.

Q13: Is it easy to be damaged when the OTDR drops from high position?
A13: The screen of the OTDR is made from enhanced PVC plastic, instead of traditional glass. So it is not easy to be damaged. Please visit the link for a video demo drops from 2.5 meters height postion. https://youtu.be/ujacRXyJevw

Q14: does the output laser from OTDR destroy CPEs (eg, ONU/ONT)?
A14: No. From OTDR theory, it can not shine out enough strong laser to destroy any other equipment. The output power of OTDR is very low to keep itself sensitive to get and analysis back-scattering light along fiber cable. We take a video to show you how the low output power value from the OTDR. To get highest power value of OTDR, we set the pulse width in OTDR to 20000us, and from power meter, you can see the highest power value is around -28dBm. While take Huawei’s ONU HG8310M for example, the allowed maximum input power is -8dBm. -28dBm output power of OTDR is much lower than -8dBm. So, even though OTDR launches power into ONT directly, it won’t damage CPE. Visit the video please. https://youtu.be/65-_dJ3TDhc

Q15: Does the OTDR can generate .sor file and print out testing report?
A15: Yes. Like any other normal OTDR. The FF-980REV can generate .sor files, and users can print testing report via PC software.

Q16: Could you provide technical support or training service on the OTDR?
A16: Yes, I can help if you have any questions on the OTDR.

Q17: Could you make OEM service? I want to make my logo on your OTDR?
A17: Yes, of course. Please contact our sales team. sales@FirstFiber.cn

Q18: Why I can not see A-B distance and attenuation value on PC software?
A18: Please contact us our sales to get a new PC software.

Q19: User can switch languages on OTDR?
A19: The OTDR comes with English in default. If you need it with other languages, please contact our sales to check if your language available or not.

Q20: I am a distributor in our local market. I am interested in marketing the OTDR here. Could you do OEM for me? I mean making booting screen with my logo, print logo on front panel of the device, and lable my model number.
A20: Yes, of course. We support OEM, and can customize device for customers. Please contact us for more details sales@firstfiber.cn

Q21: How is the OTDR workable for aerial cable works


  1. Small handy, Palm size, Light
  2. Screen can be seen clearly even under sunshine
  3. Quick pass or Fail on the left-top side of screen. When it indicated PASS, users do not need to care about link information in more details.
  4. Easy one-button Testing. Its “Auto-Test” function is powerful, users do not need to set complicated parameters
    5 Easy software Event Map
  5. With hooks on both sides for attaching safety loop string and place it around user’s neck. If the OTDR slipped from user’s hand. It will be safely catched by the string.
  6. It also comes with soft case that can be hung from workbelt.

Q22: Do you provide spare battery for the OTDR?
A22: The OTDR was designed on the concept of no extra spare battery needed. The working time of battery can reach for one full day work (12 hours). The battery cable was plugged into PCB directly, replacing battery in field does not suggested. The OTDR can be charged power via any USB devices like power bank, car, laptop, etc.

Q23: Please confirm OTDR ability to provide in-service communication check before testing with message warning and auto termination functions to effectively protect test instruments and communications as well as CPEs
A23: Yes, confirmed. It will display a warning message on screen, but to protect laser diode, please make sure the power value to OTDR port does not over -5dBm. Strongly suggest that all users test power value by “OPM” function on the device before they use OTDR function.

Q24: Could you please state the type, capacity and weight of OTDR battery?
A24: Lithium Ion Battery(with battery certificate for security shipment), 3.7V-4000mAH/14.8WH

Q25: Why FF-980REV OTDR can not be turned on?
A25: Some customers complain that their FF-980REV OTDR can not be turned on any more. The problem was often caused by not right operating on the OTDR when they test RJ45 cables. Please do not test RJ45 cables if signals exist in RJ45 cable. To proof, please do as following steps,
1) Disassemble the device.
2) Press and hold power on button, and meantime, checking the voltage of TP11 point. It should be around 5.2V. Watch the video.
3) Remove N10 and N15
Now, OTDR should be ok to turned on. But RJ45 sequence and RJ45 length functions do not work. Other functions works in right situation. Please contact us to have new N10 and N15.

Q25: The VFL in OTDR FF-980REV is very week. How to solve it?
A25: The problem was caused by broken VFL laser. VFL laser has to be changed.

Q26: FF-980REV OTDR curve is ok, but there is nothing in event list area
A26: This issue should be caused by incorrect threshold value. Please reset all parameters to factory setting.

Q27: Why Launch Cable Is needed for OTDR Testing
A27: Launch cable, sometimes is called launch box, fiber reel, or bare fibers. It is acturally a longer fiber jumper, but with much lower insertion loss of both cable and its connectors.
When users measure fibers with OTDR, launch box is often used to

  1. Protect bulkhead on OTDR from contaminated
  2. Change connector type from OTDR to fiber under test (from FC/UPC on OTDR to SC/APC on fiber under test)
  3. Checking first connector condition of fibers under test
    One more thing, receive cable is often used at end of fiber under test.

Q28: Simple words to understand OTDR
A28: Optical Time Domain Reflectometer is a device used to detect failures in fiber optic links in a communications network. The operation of the device involves the production and transmission of a series of high-speed optical pulses within the fiber. Changes within the fiber create a back scatter according to the Rayleigh distribution. The pulses are then returned to the ODTR where their intensity is measured. The signal strength returned is an indication of the location and severity of the failure. ODTR is used not only for maintenance but also for installation of optical communication lines. In addition, international telephony networks also use ODTR to improve line connections.