Splitter OTDR

It is a USB cable identifying problem, not driver problem. The OTDR FF-990PRO supports two methods to transfer testing results (.sor) to PC. USB cable. The OTDR does not need any drivers installed before you transfer data to PC from OTDR. If your Windows Operation System install some drivers automatically once you plug USB cable

9000PRO OTDR Operation Demo

The manufacturer FirstFiber Technologies help customers create their own OTDRs with their OTDR core processing coding and powerful hardware design ability. They also sell their own OTDRs, the top 6 are listed as following, FF-980REV (Mini Pro, 9-in-1) FF-980EXP (All-in-1, 12-in-1) FF-980MAS (Enhanced OTDR, 12-in-1) FF-980EXT (new Enhanced OTDR, 9-in-1) 8000MAX (High Accurate OTDR) 990PRO