It is difficult to test splitters by OTDR, especially to test high ratio splitters like 1: 64 or 1:128. Splitter is with high, so OTDR users have to use large pulse width to process the test, because if no large pulse, there will very lower back-scattering signal comes back OTDR for analysis, but once OTDR process testing with large pulse width, its accuracy will be worse. So, HOW to improve the accuracy is an essential issue. Good news is enginners in FirstFiber Technogies Company invested a good method to solve the problem and develop the new splitter OTDR which is good at Splitters testing.
So, the next questions is how many splitter layers the OTDR can go through? To answer the question, you should know that two 1:8 spliiters means 64 channels, three 1:4 splitters means 64 channels. In actual GPON EPON network, 64 channels is max (even though, in thoery, GPON can control 128 channels ), so the OTDR is suitable for most situation.
The OTDR works for in-service fiber (active fiber) testing? We provide many configurations for customer choice. If you selected a configuration with 1625nm, then it is ok to test in-service fiber.
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